That Bloomsbury moment. Mental health and the healing power of a moment’s beauty.

Have you ever received a ‘Get well soon’ card? How about a ‘Get well now’ card? When it comes to mental health, the prognosis for recovery is not often as clear-cut as it is for a broken arm or a bout of flu. Sometimes the best we can hope for is to feel ‘better,’ even if just for a short period of relief during a dark time.

I’m not suggesting you start sending out ‘Get well now’ cards. Rather, I invite you to think about what might make you or your loved one experience what I think of as a ‘Bloomsbury moment.’

Hang on, a what now?

The Bloomsbury Set were a loosely-knit gang of posh artist types who valued, above all else, love and aesthetic beauty. As I recall it, they had a particular interest in the moment when a person is struck by aesthetic beauty. That discordant note in Mozart’ s Laudate Dominum; Van Gough’s starry night; the paragraph you re-read twice just to feel it again; the line in your favourite sad song. You know – the one that gives you goose bumps.

These are my moments of relief, my ‘Get well now’ moments. Trapped in our own minds, we rarely truly connect with each other. Yet here we are, just for a moment mind-melding with a genius. The art is all theirs. But that moment of beauty – that’s half mine. Be it happy or sad, for that one precious moment, it feels better.

Get well now.

Taylor out.

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